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Gorgias vs Front: Which Support Tool Is Right For You?

Front vs Zendesk: A comprehensive buyers guide Besides, Zendesk’s live chat widget looks a bit behind the time. Gorgias is a customer service software designed for ecommerce stores. They’re primarily a Shopify app, but recently they’ve integrated with WooCommerce and BigCommerce. They deeply integrate with Shopify that helps support agents to deliver excellent customer support […]

Natural Language Understanding How To Go Beyond NLP

NLP vs NLU: Whats The Difference? BMC Software Blogs Simply put, using previously gathered and analyzed information, computer programs are able to generate conclusions. For example, in medicine, machines can infer a diagnosis based on previous diagnoses using IF-THEN deduction rules. Customer support agents can leverage NLU technology to gather information from customers while they’re […]

Switching from Zendesk to Intercom Help Center

Compare Zendesk vs Intercom for Ecomm Businesses Whether Intercom is cheaper than Zendesk depends on your specific usage, feature requirements, and the number of users in your organization. Skyvia’s import supports all DML operations, including UPDATE and DELETE. This allows using import to perform mass update operations or mass deleting data, matching some condition. Run a Free Demo […]

6 Challenges and Risks of Implementing NLP Solutions

Challenges in Natural Language Processing It has the potential to aid students in staying engaged with the course material and feeling more connected to their learning experience. However, the rapid implementation of these NLP models, like Chat GPT by OpenAI or Bard by Google, also poses several challenges. Businesses of all sizes have started to […]

What are the benefits of cognitive automation?

What is Intelligent Automation? It has also been named among the top 15 accounting software vendors by BusinessSoftware.com and a top accounting solution provider by CFO Tech Outlook. DETROIT, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its unwavering commitment to enhancing multi-entity accounting efficiency, Gravity Software® is proud to introduce new AI technology to transform […]

Top 19 Generative AI Tools Better Than ChatGPT

10 Best Generative AI Tools to Supercharge Your Creativity Unscreen helps you remove background from your videos — and to do it automatically. Instead of picking out pixels and selecting colors and masks manually, Unscreen analyzes videos automatically. AI detects even the smallest details, so the results are super accurate. You can use it for […]