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Front vs Zendesk: A comprehensive buyers guide

zendesk vs front

Besides, Zendesk’s live chat widget looks a bit behind the time. Gorgias is a customer service software designed for ecommerce stores. They’re primarily a Shopify app, but recently they’ve integrated with WooCommerce and BigCommerce. They deeply integrate with Shopify that helps support agents to deliver excellent customer support seamlessly.

zendesk vs front

HappyFox’s customer support packed with helpful features designed to streamline customer communication across all customer-facing channels. Trusted by big names in various industries like Jabra and Metroland Media, they provide a reliable business solution. Due to its affordable and user-friendly approach, Freshdesk’s software is often found in smaller teams, budget-oriented companies, and non-profit organizations.

Intercom vs ActiveCampaign

This type of journey is more common for B2C use cases rather than B2B. Zendesk has an app marketplace with apps that help increase agent productivity and streamline workflows. Zendesk has more configurability in their admin experience, and this flexibility can be nice, especially for enterprises with complex setup needs and resources. It can also be overwhelming and not needed for small and mid-market organizations.

Additionally, some features provided by Zendesk require extra payments as add-ons, further increasing the overall expenditure. Gorgias’s set of self-service features and automation is more valuable for small teams, because it helps you answer a high volume of questions with little-to-no effort per ticket. Gorgias helps online stores get more done, so they can do more for their customers. All your support channels, order management, and automations in one powerful inbox — to provide quick support on basic issues and save time for high-impact interactions. By focussing on the needs of small and medium businesses, we’ve built

a solution that’s easy to understand, easy to use & easy to setup. Enchant provides a fast and smooth

experience for your team and is completely invisible to your customers.

Internal collaboration is challenging with Front and Zendesk

Although it’s not a showstopper for me, some businesses may find it a little restrictive. Another thing I noticed is that the website response speed sometimes drops. Again, it’s nothing major, but I can see that it can get a little frustrating. All in all, if you’re willing to overlook some minor inconveniences, HappyFox is an eligible competitor to Zendesk. After all, it’s part of a popular, well-established ecosystem of applications full of their own features.

zendesk vs front

You don’t have to limit yourself to just your inbox when you can integrate your CRM, external inboxes, backends. This system is superb for both small and large companies as it has all the means to scale correctly and effectively. When reviewing a product, users are asked to assess the product’s overall quality, which includes assigning specific ratings for ease of use, value for money, customer support, and functionality. Hiver on the other hand, ensures that you don’t run into scenarios like this. There’s no delay between when a manager tags an agent for inputs on a query and when the agent gets notified about it. Hiver also allows you to set SLAs or service level agreements to establish accountability and ensure timely support.

As knowledge management software, Freshdesk provides a nice and clean help center feature. And it’s multilingual, too (meaning you can provide a translation of your articles in any language you need). The Guide tool from Zendesk is very rich in features – from localizations to bot integration to feedback forums. Basically, you can create new articles, and divide them by categories and sections – make it a high-end destination for customers when they have questions or issues. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Zendesk’s chat widget because of its limited customization options and outdated design.


They do offer a free trial, but there’s no ongoing free plan. As a unique incentive, startups can enjoy Zendesk at no cost for six months. The table below presents the conclusive scores from our comparative analysis of these two popular customer support tools. Front, on the other hand, focuses on transforming email into a powerful collaboration tool. It allows multiple team members to work on a single email thread to ensure timely and coordinated responses. Both are giants in the customer support arena, each offering its own blend of unique features and advantages.

Collaborate on customer support, inside Gmail

Some of them are support questions, while others might be queries about a product you sell. With its ease of use, you won’t need much help or time to get started. Founders, busy C-level execs, and high-performing teams who want to boost their email productivity. Superhuman has a clean, minimal, and user-friendly interface. With Front, you won’t need to forward email threads to teammates constantly. By sharing one generic email address (like help@), your team can access every email (by default).

  • It unites your store’s email, live chat, social media, SMS, Voice and WhatsApp into one shared inbox.
  • Kayako agents provide support via email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • As you might already know, integration with other tools is super essential when it comes to managing your day-to-day business seamlessly.
  • Help Scout on the other hand can be best described as a customer-centric tool.

Ready to discover a customer support solution that delivers unmatched customer experience? If you have encountered these challenges, this blog is for you. To help you further, we have made a list of 15 Zendesk alternatives based on various factors like customer reviews, ease of use, and value for money. Herein, we will give you a complete walkthrough of all 15 alternatives, covering features, pricing, and comparison.

Get more essential features and pay less than Zendesk

Zendesk’s more comparable plan gets expensive quickly, at $69/agent per month. With that in mind, take another look through this guide as you begin to narrow down your choices. Don’t opt for a more advanced tool because you “might” use the more advanced features at some point in the future. Rather, go with the tool that will help you solve your most pressing issues now, while keeping the door open for other options in the future. Their internal chat lets you discuss issues as well as create group chats with team members, share drafts, mention teammates, and use emojis and reactions.

zendesk vs front

“With the knowledge base in Front, you don’t need to manage another vendor, and it’s ready to go as soon as you hit publish,” Front Head of Product Maya Eichler said at the company’s virtual event. Customers can browse and search for information just like in any customer support knowledge base. Tools such as Front, Zendesk and Freshdesk however, require ecosystem changes within your organization. Your teams will need to move their email activity to the chosen platform to make use of their features.

What tools integrate with Intercom?

If we compare the looks of Freshdesk and Zendesk chat widgets, I like Freshdesk much better, as it looks simpler and more modern. Fast-forward 12 years and Zendesk is one of the most extensive help desk tools and is still going strong. Finally, we also have some B2B customers (funeral homes) and expect this part of our business to grow significantly in 2021. Intercom and Zendesk are primarily classified as “Engagement/Lifecycle Marketing” and “Help Desk” tools respectively. If you’re traveling or not in front of the laptop, you can’t respond to customer queries. And every question is a lost opportunity to sell a product or to delight a customer.

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Zendesk and Intercom both offer noteworthy tools, but if you’re looking for a full-service solution, there is one clear winner. Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service desk solution that offers customizable tools to build a customer service portal, knowledge base and online communities. The main difference between Front and Zendesk is their primary focus and approach to customer support. When comparing Zendesk vs. Kayako, it includes using social media channels to reach its customers in real-time. The customer support agents can track the customers’ journey to deliver better solutions.

  • Founders, busy C-level execs, and high-performing teams who want to boost their email productivity.
  • LiveAgent’s multichannel customer communication, ticketing, live chat, over 200 integrations, and reliable and professional customer support is a player worth competing with Zendesk.
  • All three prices are for a user per month billed monthly, but you can also set up annual billing.

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zendesk vs front